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Champagne Thienot

It takes real courage to set up your own Champagne House, when the very first Houses began their existence more than three centuries ago. 

Alain Thiénot demonstrated real courage as well as inspiration and aspiration, ​30 years ago, in 1985 when he took the plunge to build his own. ​With almost 20 years experience as a wine broker in Champagne, Alain Thiénot had acquired an in-depth knowledge of the vineyards, having scoured the hillsides in the constant quest for wines (that revealed) the finest expressions of each Cru vineyard.

He had originally been invited by the major Champagne Houses to seek out only the rare and exceptional from growers, and it was from this experience that Alain Thiénot sowed the seeds of a dream, to establish his own Champagne House, Maison Thiénot.​ ​

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