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Domaine de Rapatel - G.Eyraud


One man’s passion for the grapes of the Costières de Nîmes.

In the area of the Costières de Nîmes, Rapatel stands as the estates freedom-loving landlord. Labels, AOC ("controlled designation of origin”) and oenologists’ methods are definitely not his cup of tea.

"Rapatel is what I really am, what I like to do and what I want to share with people and wine lovers. Being fashionable? No way! I’m not running a coca-cola factory. I produce exactly what I want to." And this is what he does in the most beautiful way: he gives birth to such an expressive and colourful wine.

At Rapatel, wines are born from the union of pure grapes and passion. No yeast, no sulphur dioxide and no wood are used in the winemaking process. Gérard Eyraud’s unique style, his spirit, personality and sensuality, indefinable yet distinctive, can be experienced in each bottle from the estate.


Domaine J. Laurens

Founded in the 1980s, in a small village called La Digne d'Aval, the domaine blossomed with the arrival in 2002 of locally born Jacques Calvel who saw its potential, and an opportunity to return home. The fruit from 30 hectares is hand harvested and vinified in a new dedicated facility. The wines are aged for between 1 and 2 years before release. In addition to meticulous winemaking, the attention to detail extends to the stylish presentation.

Domaine de l'Hortus

Orliac vineyards are surrounded by garrigue, perched on the hillsides, in the hinterland, north of Montpellier. They cover 60 hectares of well-trimmed rows, stretching between the Serrane and the Pic Saint Loup mountains.

When you arrive at Hortus, in such a wild setting, you might believe for a moment that you are in the heart of Oregon, in a New World vineyard. The road peters out at the gate of the domain which leads to a wooden house, off the beaten track, built in a style combining avant-garde architecture and forest tradition. A quiet harmony emanates from this magic place...

Winemaker: Jean Orliac


Mas Amiel

A MYTHICAL ESTATE, recognised world-wide by fortified wine lovers. Protected on the north side by the Corbières range and on the south side by the steep foothills of the Pyrenees, Mas Amiel, situated close to the village of Maury, extends across 220 hectares including 150 under vine.

AN EXCEPTIONAL ENVIRONMENT: extreme temperatures and schisty soil are the kingdom of Grenache. Old clones that had fallen out of production have preserved intact the genetic material from which the present vines derive.

A UNIQUE TERROIR: Swept by the tramontana wind and exposed to scorching temperatures, this terroir of extreme conditions is formed by schist, ideally suited for Grenache and Carignan. Resistant to wind and drought, these grape varieties give their best in this soil. Their roots manage to break through the schist, allowing them to find freshness deep in the ground. This is why the wines made from Grenache express strongly the mineral characteristics of the terroir.

A PERMANENT QUEST: taking into consideration the diversity of terrain, associated with a remarkably varied environment, Olivier Decelle has adopted vinegrowing practices based on observation and experimentation.

Mas Amiel

Winemaker: Olivier Decelle


Mas Amiel - Naturally sweet wines


Mas Amiel - Oxydative wines

Le Petit Domaine 


Established 3 years ago by Julie Brosselin and Aurélien Petit.

Between them they have practised oenology, been a caviste, tendered vineyards, made wine and now they've restored a couple of abandoned old vineyards located near Montpeyroux. 

Organic farming principals in the vineyards with only manual intervention. From the vineyard to the bottling, everything is done to respect the natural qualities of the fruit and wine. Minimum intervention in the cellar which implies a rigorous and careful monitoring of each step of the creation of their wines. 

  • IGP Pays d'Herault Blanc "Demesure" (Chenin Blanc
  • Vin de France Rouge " Touche pas au Grisbi" (Cinsault, Grenache)
  • IPG Pays d'Herault Rouge "Cyclope" (Carignan)
  • IPG Pays d'Herault Rouge "Titan" (Syrah, Carignan)

By Jeff Carrel


Jeff Carrel describes himself as ‘an eclectic winemaker’. He is part of a new generation of winemakers springing up around the world that have neither vineyard nor winery. They buy small parcels of grapes from growers, rent little parts of a cellar and make brilliant wines! Jeff currently makes around 40 wines including most recently a Priorat.

He graduated in 1994 with a National Diploma of Oenology, toured France vinifying in the heart of the Loire "Layon", then in Alsace and Languedoc, where he monitors the fields like Grange Father, Daumas Gassac etc.

Today he advises mainly in Languedoc Roussillon but also in Beaujolais and Burgundy while dedicating himself to the development of his own wines.