Main grape varieties



Domaine Rolet


Bernard and Guy Rolet work with accuracy and precision both in the vineyard and in the cellar. They work with the soul of a winemaker whose goal is to produce excellent wine for every vintage the best wine, knowing that the best wine begins on the vine itself.

Jura region is famous with emblematic Vin Jaune and Vin de paille. All wines come from their vineyard and are vinified on the estate, frequently receiving awards.


Domaine Didier Grappe 


Situated in Saint Lothain on AOC Côtes du Jura.

In 2001, Didier Grappe finished viticole wine school in Beaune, Burgundy. In 2007 he converted to being organic and is certified by Ecocert.

What makes Didier Grappe special is his hard work and dedication to his vineyards. Didier's vines are a tribute to nature. He says that good wine starts in the vines.

He uses no chemical treatments and has the passion and desire to make natural wines. No yeast, no tannins, no chapitalization, no correction of acidity during the winemaking, “Grapes only” as he would say. His wines are much like his personality, refined, restrained with a slight amount of tension.