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Domaine des Malandes

The Domaine des Malandes is a family estate, which associates the traditional experience of wine-making with the best modern equipment. The result is high quality wines which secure awards in many competitions. The various locations of our plots and the care brought to vinification contribute largely to the finesse of our wines.

In wine-making, Domaine des Malandes' main objective is to maximize the potential of the soil for expressing itself. The Chablis area has a unique type of soil called Kimmeridgian, which confers to its wine its mineral tastes and vivacity. Constantly during the growth period, the Domaine des Malandes' team controls the vines’ foliage and fruit, and uses integrated pest management. So when harvest time arrives, the grapes have reached optimal maturity and quality. In the cellar, vinification is carried out with utmost care.

Winemaker: Guénolé Breteaudeau

Domaine des Malandes