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Les Maitres Vignerons de Saint-Tropez

Surrounded by the sea, our vineyards stretch from the hills of Gassin to the beaches of Ramatuelle. The exceptional site of the Saint-Tropez Peninsula and the marked influence of the sea mean that the vines benefit not only from very mild temperatures all year round but also from the greatest amount of sunshine in France (2,800 to 3,000 hours per year), which affords the best ripening conditions for all our grape varieties. Annual rainfall on our coastline is between 700 and 800mm, in the form of infrequent and sudden downpours, in both Winter and Spring. These rains are sufficient to replenish water reserves in our soils, enabling the vines to withstand our hot dry Summers. The protection afforded by the surrounding mountains transforms the cold northerly wind, known as the mistral, into a gentle breeze on the Peninsula.

Château Gabriel (Organic)


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